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Bergendal Septic Service LLC
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Bergendal Septic Service LLC Is a "Green" Company

Bergendal Septic Service LLC cares about the environment and works closely with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). We use the practice of landspreading to dispose of septage and wastewater. Landspreading is a commonly used and environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste. It is a good way to recycle organic material and returns water to the local groundwater supply.
green septic company

We make arrangements with local farmers and spread on their land. In turn, we provide an organic fertilizer and decrease the use of chemical fertilizers. After the septic tank is pumped, lime is mixed with the septage to increase the pH before the waste can be spread on the field. This is a very low-input way to treat and dispose of the septage. We only landspread on sites approved by the Wisconsin DNR. These sites are safe distances from any lakes and rivers.

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